David Le

As the Car Industry Changes year after year these cars are getting more and more Technical to work on. One thing is for certain that you can Count on Advanced Auto Technology to do the Job. There’re  very Professional and Reliable Company that you can count on. I will never forget on how I fell short on one of my Self-pay Tickets and wanted to stay true to my Estimate and didn’t have the Heart to charge extra on this Elderly Couple but needed a Hard Honda Post Scan. The Team stepped in and made sure The vehicle was Safe and in operable order on the house…  That Act of kindness goes far for me and what a True Character of the Team… What a True Leader and to set examples on how to Love one another! Truly Blessed to have your Team as our Partners! Thank you for Sticking by me as I grow into a Writer in this Automotive Industry and helping me correct my errors and help me understand and become a better writer and make sure These Vehicles are Safe to the Public. The beautiful thing is that we get to watch each other grow and learn in this forever changing Automotive Technology!